Easy Way To Install A Ceiling Fan

By Scott Rodgers

Wiring a ceiling fan is not so difficult and is mostly like wiring a light fixture. While wiring a ceiling fan, make sure that all the wire connections are made securely and with the proper size of wire nuts. The nuts should not be loose and no copper strands should be left uncovered.

For connecting a ceiling fan 4 different wires are provided. These wires are normally found to have black, white, green and one more color (red/blue or black/white striped). Each color has different meaning.

The black wire is the hot lead for the ceiling fan motor. The red/blue/striped wire is the hot lead for the optional light kit to the ceiling fan. The white wire is the neutral lead for both the ceiling fan motor and light kit. The green wire is ground wire for the entire setup.

Now start connecting the wires of fan to the home wiring. Start with the neutral wire connection. The neutral wire of fan that is white in color is required to be connected with the neutral wire of house (white color). Also check if the white wire of your ceiling fan has a colored tape over it then that may signify that this wire should not be used as neural wire.

The ground (green) wire from the ceiling fan assembly should be attached to the ground (usually bare, sometimes green) lead from the house wiring. Some old build houses may not have a separate ground lead. In this case, the metal conduit and electrical boxes are used as ground. So you need to attach the ground wire from the ceiling fan to the electrical box (and/or mounting plate) with the suitable screw or clip.

After this, connect both the hot terminals of your ceiling fan. For connecting these terminals, first make sure if you will be attaching the light to your fan or not. In case you will not use the light fixture then end the connection part by connecting black terminal of fan to black terminal of your house wiring.

Other case could be that you are fixing the light kit along with your ceiling fan. In this case for providing connection to both of them, connect their hot terminals to the black lead in your home electric wire. But make sure that operating switch of both is separate.

After this your job is done. Like this you can easily connect a ceiling fan. However, you may face problems while doing it for first time, so call an expert who can help you in doing it successfully. - 33393

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Picking A Right Cabinet Hardware

By Kevin Stevens

Choosing a right cabinet hardware is not very challenging especially when you have options to choose from. Just by keeping few basic things in mind, you can always narrow down your search. First you have to know your own requirements like where the cabinet is located? If it is for a specific room which has a theme then it is better that you follow the theme and keep everything well coordinated.

When you want to pick it for your bar cabinet then going for non conventional look can be exciting. For more natural one like the wooden stuffs opting for ironwork and brass finish adds to the classy touch. You can also find one with antique finish like antique brass or antique copper hardware.

The cabinet hardware come is different shape and sizes and they should accentuate the whole look without making it look odd. Being creative is good but overdoing it can be disastrous. Giving a professional touch to the cabinet will change the whole look. Mixing and matching sometimes spoils the whole look, so being conservative also helps sometime. A good cabinet hardware will always compliment the furniture or the cabinet.

The cost of the cabinet hardware varies depending on various factors such as the shape, size and usage. It accessorizes the whole look of the cabinet. The style and design enhances the look of the furniture making it unique. It is a vital part of furniture or a cabinet.

Cleaning the cabinet hardware has to be done regularly so that it looks new for long and does not lose its natural shine especially the wooded furniture. A good quality cleaner and a soft brush will help you clean the dirt. Polishing the metal hardware and making it completely dry by wiping it with a piece of soft cloth is a good practice. It not only keeps the product new for long but also helps in retaining it shine. Using a specific cleaner meant for cleaning the cabinet is better than the regular cleaners as they can be sometime harsh and spoil the furniture.

Cabinet hardware is attached to the cabinet with a small screw which can be unscrewed for cleaning the cabinet. But these are very small screws so that chances on losing them are very high. You have to be careful with them and secure them in a box to later fix the handles back. Be careful to use a tarnish cleanser only on the tarnishes furniture.

Spending the money on a cabinet hardware should be done wisely helping to enhance the look of the cabinet. A well researched hardware that matches with your cabinet can help you achieve that perfect look. Make sure it is a practical design rather than just focusing on the look. It is a part of the cabinet which can change the whole look.

Cabinet hardware is a very important part of a cabinet as it changes the whole look of the cabinet. So keeping that in mind you should choose the one that perfectly goes with the theme and not look odd. - 33393

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Sliding Closet Doors in Miami FL: Make your Closets Stand Out

By Cedric Barton

As a young child, I learned that the upstairs' closet could make quite the hiding place. When in one of my more adventurous states, I would open the closet door and close it behind me, almost all of the way.

One great alternative to your closet door situation that you may wish to consider in order to help allow you access to your closet in a confined space is by fitting sliding doors to it.

Sliding closet doors come in many different types. You have the traditional wooden sliding closet door that gives the whole closet a warm look. Different types of wood or wood laminate with all the different combinations of wood color and grains, will give different effects to a room.

To add a bit more functionality to the doors, you can opt to mount mirrors on them. Now you can really save wall space when mounting mirrors on the sliding closet doors.

Mirrors will also give a small room a good sense of depth. Because of this effect, there are many different sliding closet door options that have its surface completely covered in mirrors to use the depth effect to the maximum.

Instead of mirrors, you can opt for glass sliding closet doors. These glass doors will give an open look to your closet and could give the room a more open feel. You have to keep your closet organized though or else the glass sliding doors would be counter-productive.

My husband and I have spoken about converting the basement for use as a Day Spa. We could have sliding closet doors installed in recessed runners. This way, artificial walls could be created of varying dimensions, based on the particular needs of clientele.

Some of these doors are made of special linens and others are made of very thin, opaque glass which allows in, the "glow of light" but nothing else. All of this is still in the planning stages, but at least I won't be jumping back from the screams of some little creature as I pass by my closet doors. Gees ! Too Bad ! - 33393

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Enhancing Your Home With Rugs

By Alex Bacheller

Rugs are commonly used to improve and enhance the interior of homes. They can redesign room efficiently and fast. If you will look to any interior design books or magazines, you will notice that 98% of the rooms being shown have rugs. With the right pieces together, it surely creates the perfect atmosphere for your home.

Rugs can instantly create that perfect ambiance in your home. It is one of the easiest ways to redecorate your home without spending too much. Moreover, it serves as a protection from cold tiles and concrete floors. It also prevents our hardwood floors from scratches made by furniture. Rugs are for protection and for ornament - two purposes in one.

It may sound easy but there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind. Remember, you need the correct pieces together and place them in appropriate places to give you that stylish new room.

The first thing you need to consider is your room area. Determining the room size will give you the idea on how big your rugs should be. As a rule of thumb, the rug should be 24 inches shorter than the shortest wall of the room. It does not matter whether you have your entire floor carpeted or not. You may still use the rugs on them.

You also need to consider your furniture layout. For living rooms, having 1 or more conversation area is a critical factor. You may use a big rug to group them, emphasizing each area. As a rule, there should be at 1 to 2 feet of empty rug that extend from the furniture.

For bedrooms, these floor decors are usually placed to keep the feet from cold floors. It also helps to enhance the focal of the room, which is of course, the bed. In bedrooms, the rugs should be under at least one-third of the bed and should extend 30 to 36 inches on its sides.

To create a cozy dining area, you may put rugs wherein the table and the chairs could fit in perfectly. As a rule, your rug should be 40 to 48 inches bigger than the size of your dining table. It is important that when you place your rug, your chairs, even when pushed back will fit it.

Another factor that you need to consider is choosing the right type of rug. Rugs are made from different materials. There are natural materials such as wool, cotton and grass rugs which usually cost more. Synthetic materials on the other hand are a lot cheaper. These include nylon and polypropylene/olefin.

Lastly, you need to choose your desired color and design. Different designs and patterns tend to give different effect when placed in a room. For example, dark colored rugs tend to create an intimate space in the room while light colored rugs can expand the area. You may choose Oriental rugs for traditional themed room, bold geometric patterns for a modern, sophisticated room and a braided area rug for a countryside themed room. To hide falling hairs, pet hairs and dirt, you may opt to choose heavy patterned rugs to conceal them.

There is lot of area rugs available in the market, mostly are low priced. It is just a matter of creativity to put things together and create that stylish, chic designed room. - 33393

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Tips To Make Your Bouquets Last

By Peter Silva

Flowers are really popular to send to loved ones on special occasions such as Valentines Day, Mother's Day, weddings, and anniversaries. Even homes and offices use them for decorations to make the place livelier and more comfortable. What makes these gifts of nature so great is that they look and smell fantastic. They have unique shapes, bright colours, and they have the most wonderful scents only nature can give.

The only problem is that flowers tend to wilt prematurely if you don't take care of them well. Not everyone are florists and gardeners, but here are some surefire ways to make bouquets you receive last a little longer:

- If possible, use flower food or floral foam in your vases instead of just water. These can be bought from and/or provided by your florist.

- If the flower food solution becomes cloudy, replace it all. Same goes for those who are using only water; replacing it daily with fresh water is a must.

- No flower food or flower foam? You can make your own! Just add a teaspoon of bleach, a tablespoon of sugar, and a gallon of water. Viola! Your homemade flower food. If these ingredients are unavailable, try mixing a 12-ounce can of clear, non-diet soda (like Sprite or 7-Up) with half a gallon of water. The acid in the soda will slow bacteria growth in the water, while the sugar will feed the plant.

- Re-cut stems using a cutting tool that will not crush the stems such as a sharp knife, pruning shears, or even a good pair of scissors. Cut the stems underwater to allow more water absorption instead of air. A 45-degree angle stem cut will also improve the plants' liquid absorption.

- Some flowers actually last longer than others in the arrangement. Once they wilt, take them out of the vase.

- Get rid of leaves that will be below the waterline of the vase, to lessen bacteria growth in the water.

- Remember to place your flower arrangement in a cool, dry spot, away from heat. About 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit is the recommended temperature for flowers, away from heating or cooling vents, directly under ceiling fans, on top of televisions or radiators, and away from direct sunlight, to avoid premature dehydration and wilting. - 33393

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How To Provide A Healthy Environment For Your Kids

By David Darby

One major thing that majority of parents want to ensure is that they provide a safe environment for their kids. A factor for most families that they want to be absolutely certain on is that their homes be free from pest infestation. Pest like cockroaches or rodents and mice can make for an unhealthy environment. They have the possibility of diseases so it is important to keep your home free from these pests.

To start with, probably the most effective option to keep your home pest free is to employ a pest control company. A pest control company usually has tools to fight majority of pests and they are able to exterminate them quickly. They also have the knowledge which they can impart to you on how to prevent these pests from returning. That is key in our pest control services the fact we give prevention tips as well.

Well if you really want to save some cash, but still make sure that you keep pests away from your home, there are some options you might want to take. For a solution to that problem, you can actually locate it at your local hardware store. Eradicating pests like ants can be accomplished if you know where to begin it. In our ant control company the secret is killing them at their ant hills. This will help you in keeping them from coming back.

The next pest that can bring unhealthy things into your home are rodents like mice. This is another type of pest that you can take care of yourself if you are on a limited budget.

The main thing you have to accomplish is that you have to seal up your home and prevent any openings. If on the off chance they do gain entry, you have to take care of them using poisons and traps. That is the successful combination we use in our rodent control service.

As you have learned, there are simple ways you can actually keep pests out from your home. Depending on your budget will determine your method, but they both can work. - 33393

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The Benefits Of Artificial Grass

By Roger Mckenzie

While artificial grass isn't going to be a real substitute for normal lawns, which owes something to preference and some people's fondness for riding lawn mowers, there are enough useful reasons to consider it for a business, home, or athletic center. Astroturf, as it is frequently called, is getting to be a more frequent choice when people get tired of a finicky lawn. Still, the product has a long way to go before most of the common myths about Astroturf are dispelled.

When considering whether or not to purchase Astroturf, consider the needs of the area it might be installed in. Is the area subject to constant wear and tear? How difficult is it to maintain a natural grass surface in this area? Is a natural grass surface becoming too costly or time consuming to keep?

It's astounding how much money is spent every year on lawn care and products, whether through a service or a homeowner themselves. When one considers even just the cost of fuel for lawn mowers and other accessories, it's not difficult to imagine that Astroturf can be so cost effective. The need for pesticides, herbicides, and all those complications is eliminated.

Despite the initial feelings of athletes and their fans that Astroturf was an unacceptable replacement for natural grass, synthetic turf has become used most frequently in athletic centers where growing natural grass is unfeasible. This stigma arose from very early Astroturf, which was coarse, abrasive, and much harder than a natural surface. The athletes and others felt that such artificial surfaces made them more prone to injury, considering the amount of contact that they have with the ground.

Newer artificial grass, however, is filled with sand and/or rubber to pad the surface and provide it with less resistance. These products are specially fabricated to avoid the kinds of difficulties athletes had in the past. The 21st century artificial fields are not nearly as prone to contribution to skin abrasion from the typical sliding and roughhousing that takes place during matches.

There are a number of popular applications for both home and business use. These smaller scale implementations of Astroturf include achieving an ideal, always well-maintained looking garden area, putting greens, play areas for children, and kenneling areas for dogs or other animals. The possibilities are really only limited by imagination.

Also, the newest and most advanced Astroturf isn't the solid sheet of the past. The new synthetic surfaces are breathable, which means that water can flow through them with ease, so they're very easy to clean. As mentioned elsewhere, this easy cleaning really makes the surfaces a very practical option for households with dogs. The surfaces aren't so porous, though, that they let in weeds or other growth through the artificial turf. The installation process practically insures that this won't be the case.

Product lifetime and appearance should also be taken into account when considering artificial grass. Artificial turf varies in terms of quality and esthetics, so cost and personal taste are going to be factors, considering the variety of blade lengths and colors available from most distributors. All artificial turf's lifetime is going to be limited, like anything else though, so check with the dealer to make sure that there is a good warrantee in place and that the Astroturf will last as long as you want it. - 33393

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